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Lightweight filling, void former, raised floor, disposable formwork  Supplier, UAE, KSA & QATAR.  

For over 10 years WTBurden is by your side, helping you shape the face of UAE, Qatar and now KSA, below ground to urban beautification. Operating three distinct business divisions, we assist our customers with their projects by providing environmental storm and sewage water management, civil and infrastructure, landscaping, street furniture, shade and play equipment. 


We partner with international manufacturers to propose outstanding products and services, we nurture our own people to be able to support our customers in Dubai, Doha, Riyadh, Jeddah, NEOM, RedSea, throughout the whole project process, and we operate our business at a standard that has earned customer loyalty and leadership in our industry within UAE, Qatar and KSA. 


Why Disposable Formworks in Saudi Arabia

ABS Disposable Formworks are concrete shaping structures made of recycle plastic that are used only once. They are also called void formers, Light Weight filling, permanent Formworks or single-use Formworks. They are an alternative for High Density Foam, or extruded polystyrene and Foam concrete. They create reinforced concrete raised floors up to 300 cm, thus providing a light, fast, easy and economical filling in any structure. Reinforced concrete raised floors are constructed faster and easier, are lighter weight and are more economical than conventional filling applications.

To summarize, the reasons why ABS Plus Disposable Formwork System can carry such heavy loads with very little slab thickness are:

  • The structure rests on countless columns,

  • Having column heads on the columns,

  • Connecting each column to other columns with arches,

  • And, domes resting on arches.

The reasons for preferring ABS Plus Disposable Formwork System are:

  1. ABS' strong references

  2. Being the lightest structural filling solution

  3. Unmatched logistics savings

  4. Very high load-carrying capacity

  5. Shortened total construction time

  6. Creating a void space under the slab (95%)

  7. Quick and easy installation

  8. Providing an uninterrupted concrete surface

  9. Environmental benefits

  10. And, it's extremely low cost

Call WTBurden today to discuss your UAE, QATAR and/or KSA project.



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