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Structural Soil Cells - Stratavault, Citygreen


Structural Cells are modular units that assemble to form a skeletal matrix that supports relevant pavement loads while providing large volumes of soil within the structure for root growth. 


Essentially, Stratavault treepits may be utilised wherever trees are being planted in paved areas. There are many areas where the application of this system can assist with the healthy growth of trees in cities: Carparks, Roadways, Footpaths, and Plazas.

Stratavault has been designed to achieve major reductions in installation costs. Units snap together quickly and easily, with labour times being drastically reduced. Positive and secure connectors are a feature of the Stratavault patented design both vertically and laterally. Stratavault components are simple and fast to click together, producing an integrated matrix.

Linked Trench with soil and roots.jpg

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