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Furniture Supplier Qatar

For over 10 years WTBurden Qatar is by your side, helping you shape the face of Qatar, below ground to urban beautification. Operating three distinct business divisions, we assist our Qatari customers with their projects by providing environmental storm and sewage water management, civil and infrastructure, landscaping, street furniture, shade and play equipment. 


We partner with international manufacturers to propose outstanding products and services, we nurture our own people to be able to support our customers in Doha, Qatar throughout the whole project process, and we operate our business at a standard that has earned customer loyalty and leadership in our industry within Qatar.

WTBurden Street Furniture Qatar division encourages the formation of aimless and innovative urban spaces. Our products have a unique style thanks to their precisely researched design, their extensive application and their strict material quality that defines a modern and sustainable

urban space linked to Qatar culture while looking

towards the future.

Why WTBurden Street Furniture Qatar

We offer a selection of the world's most iconic street furniture brands and products to meet every style, identity, and budget for our projects inQatar. Our collections of outdoor furniture and amenities are meticulously selected to integrate with all kind of requirements from a design, cultural, cost-effectiveness, and environmental perspective.


Our product portfolio covers a wide range of materials: Ultra-High-Performance Concrete, Reconstituted Stone, Hardwood, WPC, Corten, Stainless & Galvanized Steel, Cast Iron, and Aluminium.


You can be confident that by choosing us, you will find everything you need for your project in Qatar. And if you have bespoke necessities, we can tailor our existing products or even develop a new range, to give you exactly what you are looking for.


We, at WTBurden Street Furniture Qatar, are lucky enough to have been specified and chosen to execute a lot of projects in the Qatar market, contact us to request our project portfolio.

Call WTBurden Qatar today to discuss your Doha project.



Tel. +974 4490 5461

Fax. +974 4490 5464



Sunday - Thursday 8:00 - 17:00

1st Floor, Al Muftah Plaza, 

Al Rayyan Road, Doha, Qatar


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