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Treatment Train

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WTBurden Surface Water Drainage Seminar 2019 consisted of an elaborate presentation of Hydro International® Products that are installed all around Doha and case studies including an overview of the science behind the design and functioning of the Downstream Defender® (Hydro Dynamic Separator), Up-Flo® (tertiary filters), Hydro brake OptimunTM (Vortex Flow Contro Unit) and Hydro Drop® (Vortex drop Shaft)


The DOWNSTREAM DEFENDER® is an advanced vortex separator uses to treat stormwater runoff in pretreatment or stand alone applications. Removes total suspended solids (TSS), floatable trash and petroleum products from stormwater runoff. 

Treats the entire storm with no washout or untreated bypass flows. 

Treats flows up to 700l/s per unit.

The HYDRO-BRAKE®  Optimun vortex flow control provides customized water quantity management for stormwater, foul or combined water across a wide range of flows and for a variety of applications.  

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The Up-Flow Filter® is a multi-stage stormwater treatment system with high-rate stormwater filtration and longer media life. Removes sediment, nutrients and metals from stormwater run off. 

Sedimentation, screening and filtration in one structure.

SPEL Separators are designed to separate out the hydrocarbons as required by the Environment Agency's Pollution Prevention Guidelines PPG 3. 

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WTBurden is the exclusive distributor of Hydro International® and SPEL in Qatar.

Drop us an email for one to one presentation.

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