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Stainless Steel Vortex Drop Shaft
By Hydro International


Hydro Vortex Drop Shaft is a self- activating conveyance and flow control system that dissipates the energy of dropping water, enabling customers to convey water from great heights while preventing the damage and nuisance effects associated with falling water. 


Hydro Vortex Drop Shafts are applied in sewer and drainage systems to manage risks associated with erosion, hydraulic shocks, cavitation and vibration, which have the potential to damage 

the drainage infrastructure. 

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Odor control and

chemical erosion

 Odor issues and chemical erosion is mainly caused by hydrogen sulphide production in sewer systems. Concrete is prone to chemical erosion by hydrogen sulphide in the flow, which can reduce the design life of the sewer system. Consistent mixing of air with the flow can raise dissolved oxygen levels and eliminate

these issues.

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